Beat Sync

Beat sync no longer working in Djay Pro ver 1.2 on my MacBook Pro OS X 10.10.3. Everytime you guys fix something you mess up something else. WHY???

The sync feature hasn’t been changed with our latest Mac update. It should still be working like before.

Please note that it is dependent on a correct BPM and Beat-Grid detection by djay. For some tracks this might be going wrong. We implemented ways to manually help yourself though.

Please try the following:

  1. Manually assign the BPM by using the “TAP” function (you can access by clicking on the BPM value)
  2. Manually assign the Beat-Grid at the Waveform View. Therefore, move the Red Line to the first bar of the beat and click on “SET GRID”

Now, try syncing your tracks, again.

Hi Greg,

could you please answer me these question:
Is this happening with all your songs?
Which djay version are you using?

Thank you in advance,
Lukas E. 

Same Here BMP-Sync no longer works. What has happened and what can we do to get it back. I deleted the program from my imac and still does not work.