Beatgrid adjustment help

Hi, apologies if the answer is somewhere in this forum, but this is my first post and I’d like some help.

I’m trying to adjust the beatgrid to be set the first beat at the red line and then once the song has been shifted, i’d like to scale down the beat grid for the 2nd beat to match the next beat on the song so that it would match with the rest of the song. Is this possible?

(btw this isn’t for a dj song or anything. I’ll be mixing this song in with another song for a wedding video and I enjoy using this program a lot for that type of stuff)

Thanks so much

Hey Ninyo,
If Djay is wrong analyzing the proper Beat grid:
1-Align the StartingDown Beat of the song to the the Red line
2-Tap SET to create a Jump Cue to this actual Down Beat.
3-Tap the Beatgrid Editing Menu

4-Tap Set Grid Start
If the Beat grid is still wrong after these steps:
5-Play the song
6-Tap the BPM info window
7-Select BPM tab
8-Tap to the beat of your song.
Hopefully this works.

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You are awesome!! Thank you I will try this out right now!

You can also MIDI map the “Tap tempo” on a controller but you still must go into that drop-down window in “BPM” and Apply the change in order to set the new beat grid. I wish the Apply was MIDI mappable.


You’re welcome,
Let us know if it worked

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