After playing around with Serato and Rekordnox for a while now I have to give the developers at Algoriddim huge props on how well and accurately the beat detection works!
Well done guys and girl!!

I have to admit that I was actually shocked as to how BAD Serato performed in that segment. 8 out of 10 tracks would be off and had to be painstakingly manually adjusted. (No wonder their beat grid editing interface is so flawless, it’s bc one had to use it all the time, lol)

I often do the correction during a live set and it’s super simple in DJ pro.

My only wish for that would be to have the possibility to have different grids and down beats per track as a lot of music these days has a lot of half bar and uneven breaks and the track sync becomes useless after that.

But again, wanted to give you guys a big virtual hug!!

Beat grids have been troublesome for me, years now.
I wish they can program djay to create a downbeat right at the start cue point.
That would settle many problems for me.

I agree with you, Louis. After use the dynamic beatgrid of djay pro is impossible come back to serato to make wonderful mixes in non electronic music. I made a suggest for djay pro guys in another topic to fix this without change too much the very good, easy and clean interface. If you already put a new first beat on “set grid start” button, when you click again on “set grid start” the software can ask you if you want to make another downbeat or change the old one. Or put a button aside this with the name “new grid start”. Very easy and minimalist action can revolutionare the preparation for automix or ours manual mix for all kind of music. The only basic thing that fail yet in this software.