Beatgrid metronome

I find a beat grid metronome like that found in Traktor to be immensely useful when validating auto-created grids. Sometimes the grid ends up slightly ahead or behind the actual beat, and playing back the track with an audible “click” at each grid line makes this easy to identify and correct with grid adjustment nudges.

I’ve seen mentions of a metronome feature in DJay, but it seems to be related only to samples and locked to an independent BPM setting rather than an audible representation of a beat grid. Is what I’m describing available somewhere in the interface?


Hey @djsteve - Thanks for your post!

I’m happy to answer your question.

Currently, there isn’t a metronome other than what you have mentioned (relating to samples). I totally agree with you that a metronome for editing beat grids could be very useful.

If you’d like to see a beat grid-related metronome in djay, I highly encourage you to post this as a feature request in our Suggestions section of the Community. This way, other people can vote for the feature as well.

I hope this information helps! Of course, if you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out.


Just wanted to follow up on this. Any news on whether a beatgrid metronome will be put in?

Hi @daddieshortlegs, this has not been implemented yet, but you can cast your vote to add this feature in the topic linked below: