Beatgrids not adjusting when BPM changed

I noticed with my dubstep tracks that when I have to double the BPM in Djay 2, the beatgrid doesn’t change to accommodate the extra BPM (it shows a beatgrid for a 70 BPM track rather than one for a 140 BPM track)

I can send a picture of it if that would make it easier to explain :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info. We’ll look into this.

Update: I’ve found that restoring the original BPM then doubling seems to correct the beatgrid :-/


Upon further investigation, I believe the affected tracks were some that I had doubled back in Djay 1 for iPad. When it imported them, it displayed the (doubled) bpm that was set for it by Djay 1, but the analysis caused Djay 2 to place the beatgrid at the speed that it thought the song was going. So when I restored the BPM and then doubled it in Djay 2, the beatgrids adjusted and all was well.

Thanks for your response!