Beatmatched songs do not stay beatmatched despite being the same BPM

2 Tracks are synced together. have the same BPM, as indicated by the software. I line them up on the first beat of the phrase. They play along and are aligned to each other.
After some time they mysteriously drift apart??? How is this possible when they are the same tempo? you see the beatgrid drifting further apart and it starts to sound like a mess. But what am I supposed to do? they were aligned in the beginning and the beat is matched. I can even tap the beat for each song seperately and confirm that they are the same bpm.

Even if I hit the cue button at the wrong time, maybe 0.2 seconds too late, the cued song should stay 0.2 behind always. But it does not. It just drifts further and further apart. How is this possible if both play at the same bpm?


Sorry to hear that. Which tracks are affected for example (and are they available via Spotify)?

Is it possible that these tracks have variable Beats and therefore, the syncing is adjusted?

I’ve had the same thing happen several times now. It seems like the beat matching engine goes out of whack and then starts working again after several times.

It’s very unsettling when that happens during a live gig.

Hi Lucas!

It’s neither a Spotify nor a local track issue over here. It can affect both types of tracks.

Also not variable beats, perfect 4 to the floor tracks that line up fine in Rekordbox and Serato.

It doesn’t feel as if it’s track related but rather to a part of the software that ‘loses sync’ or something like that. I’ll try to record a vid next time it happens to show you what’s happening exactly.

You are right, this is an absolute disaster for any DJ Software.