Beatmix 4

My Beatmix 4 do not work , it ́s not connected to the computer. It will not respond to any button from the control. The music is played when i press start on the computer, but it does not respond to anything except the master volume. The Midi find connecting it says when i start it. Does anyone know what is wrong?

Regards Jonatan

Hi Jonatan,

please note that the “Beatmix 4” is not natively supported by djay Pro, but you can map the controller via the mid learn feature which you can find in the top menu bar under “MIDI”.
Here is a FAQ entry you might want to check out:…

If you need help or if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Lukas E.

Hi, Has Beatmix 4 been implemented as natively supported by djay Pro by now?

I have created an awesome midi mapping for beatmix4. Including the led-rings working!…

EDIT: led rings only programmed for ch1 and 2. example is there. help yourself for 3 and 4

hello, I can’t get this to work with my beatmix 4 mk 2, do you have an update at all?