beatpad 2 freeze

hi. last time i used my beatpad2 i had some problems. at first the music stopped for like a second or two. about 200 people was jumping and singing on the song. so not that big issue. i just had an idea that something with the connection or something did it. so just kept playing. then all of a sudden. like 15 min before closingtime at the bar, it stopped again. i had loop on the left player(pink buttons so song was looping the way i wanted it) and the right deck was playing. then the music stopped and the table gave no respond at all. the left deck was still playing but the crossfader did not du anything when i moved it. so i touched the crossfader on the ipad, that did work, but no sound. i could not push the green button either to stop the loop. so i did try to turn on and off the table, i disconnected the cable between the pad and the reloop. and even restart the software. but still nothing. the table wpuld not repsond, but everything on the sxrren on my ipad was working. so what i did was just to start some music on the laptop that was connected on the same pioneer mixtable. just to make sure that there was not any issues there. so anyone had this problem? some update, mapping i should do again? or should i just send in the table for repair. and another, i noticed the crossfader has been an issue on my table, when i take it to one side it might jump a bit on the screen, and not turn on the headphoneque on the other deck this is kinda common problemm ive heard, but just put it in this note if there might be some connected faiulure in just that…

hope someone can give me an answer on this. otherwise im very happy about the product :wink:

i had a Beatpad (1), a long time ago, i had a similar problem, come to find out, the ios connection cable that runs from the back of it, was getting loose, i stopped using it and bought the camera kit and starting using the regular USB from the Beatpad instead, no problems afterwards, may be a different issue with yours, but just wanted to share my experience.