Beatpad 2 key match problem!

Hi! I use Beatpad 2+Djay 2 on iPad 4 (they all have the latest firmware).
Key match does not work on Beatpad 2! When I press the Shift and the pitch “+” (button), nothing changes in the ear, and the pitch “+” (button) on the controller does not light up. It is happening on both decks. Also, there are no changes in Djay 2 app. What is the reason for this? This is an application settings or can be Pad 4 does not support this feature? Thanks for any help

Hey Antisid,

the Key Match is working and Key Syncing the two tracks. 
As long as the Key symbols in your UI are in a white font, things are good.
To check you can tab the key icon on your iPad and change the Key on one track via the arrow signs.

Cheers,Lukas E