BeatPad 2 - still the best to get for Neural use in ‘23 ?

Hi Guys …… wanting to get my 1st Controller, specifically for Neural mix use
Ideally wanting. ‘Good’ quality 2 Ch unit. Looked at Buddy , but seemed very ‘plasticky’ & only 2 EQ’s but did have paddles.
Looked at new Pioneer flx 4 , but without knowing how to midi programme, seems it’s not yet compliant with DJ pro.
Just about to therefore but Beatpad 2, - great build quality & still only 2 Eq ……. But found it’s now about 8 yrs old …… so latest iPads may not fit slot & no paddles
Not really inclined to Numark - seem plasticky too

Would welcome your thoughts & comments ?? Cheers g from UK

I’m using the Reloop Ready and simply remapped the Gain control to High EQ so I have 3 band EQ control. The Ready is very powerful for its small size.

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I did the same with the Reloop Buddy which I use as my backup controller


I’ve been mixing with the Beatpad 2 for about 4 years now.
Its construction is sturdy and solid, although some of the faders (especially pitch) are not tightly attached, they are a little bit crooked.
The controller was made specifically for Djay software , but for some of the first versions of it, when there was no djay pro ai. So, you cannot expect to have all software functions corresponding to specific knobs and faders correctly mapped.
I mapped neural functions using shift+ combinations (yes, the midimapping function is very extensive and easy to implement), but i end up operating these functions directly on the ipad screen because it worked faster and more intuitively during workflow.
Did the same with a few other functions not implemented in the controller and all of them worked fine.
The ipad slot is 10’5 only (no bigger ipads existed at the time), and i had to place a stand behind the controller to keep the ipad in a stand position, which is not the ideal solution.
Regarding the EQ knobs, you can set it up as classic (filter controls the low end) or hi and low and filter together directly through a switch behind the controller. I mapped mid EQ on Shift+Low EQ.
I am considering the mixon 8 too. Obviously, to have all the software functions with corresponding hardware switches, knobs and faders is the best scenario. Obviously as software always “run faster” than hardware, we’ll never be free of adapting configurations.

Hi Tchesco …… thanks so much for your detailed reply - really appreciated. As it happened, the unit arrived with 3 different faults which I video’d & sent to Reloop. They quickly responded with full refund, so just now evaluating whether to stick to DJP …… or upgrade to one of the New Pioneers of Rane …… as learn new software. Cheers. M

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I am glad to help!
Any of these you mentioned have specifically designed switches for Neural Mix?

Regret not …… the new Rane 4 has been exclusively designed for Serato , which is a real shame, but as Rane 1 is listed on the Algoddimn site as midi mappable, I’m sure it will come
I suspect the VDJ stems will soon be mapped for it too

Likewise, new Pioneer FLx 10 has been programmed primarily for the new Recordbox stems albeit only 3 not 4 of them & to a slightly lesser extent Serato ………

I’ve now been learning on flx4 plus Recordbox……& similarly , reckon DJP will follow suit mapping that too.

Cheers buddy. M

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If You’re planing on playing in a club or bigger soundsystems then don‘t get a Reloop Buddy. Never had a controller with such a Bad sounding soundcard built in. What were they thinking? Love it‘s controls though.

Pioneer ddj flx 4 is compatible with Djay Pro for ipad and iphone. I don’t know if is better or not than Reloop beatpad 2

I’m using the Pioneer FLX4 and it’s ok, a few mapping alterations and you can make it work.
I’ts not perfect or truly dedicated to the software and so a little frustrating to have buttons that cannot be mapped i.e smart cfx and smart fader.
Personally I think Reloop need to upgrade the Beatpad 2 up to a 3 as I have read very good things about the original and nearly purchased one until I discovered the limited Ipad slot and also it’s age.
I’m looking for a sturdy, compact and very portable controller dedicated to Algoriddim, I have considered the buddy and the ready but they do seem a bit cheap and plasticky as previously mentioned and I am looking for something a bit more “pro” and up to date.
The new mixtour controller looks nice but also very niche and not really what I’m looking for so until what I consider to be a big hole in the market gets filled i’ll continue with The FLX4