Beatport Link not working with new Djay AI app and Mac M1 silicon


I was super excited to see the new Djay Pro AI for the Mac and the amazing ways that it will take advantage of the new M1 chip in the new range of M1 Macs.

I was going to upgrade my home DJ machine to one of the new silicon machines,however it was a good job I saw the small print before buying one.

It states that Beatport Link integration will only work with Intel based Macs, thus making me pause on my purchase as I primarily use Beatport.

I suspect this is an issue at Beatport’s end, but is there a way of finding out if this is something that will be resolve fairly soon?

Any info on Beatport integration with the new app and Mac silicon going forward greatly appreciated.

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Hi Stu,

We’re investigating this currently, and as soon as a fix is found, djay Pro AI will get updated.

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Did this problem get solved?

Hi there,

Thought I was going crazy. Both versions of DJ AI on Mac … bought the New Mac mini M1 and no Beatport (10th April 2021). Shows up on the old Intel Mac Mini.

What’s going on ? This is an essential source of tunes.

Hi all.

Thank you for being patient. The good news is this should be fixed sometime April/May. No definitive date, but it’s on the way. If we get any more news, we will let you know.

Getting on towards the end of May here…any word on this?

Looks like it got the update we were waiting for! I played with DJ Pro AI on my M1 Air last night using tunes from Beatport, Beatsource & my own library, and it all worked smoothly. Happy days!

:mega: Hi All, Sorry for the late update, but as @Pete_Bailey pointed out, support for Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK has been added on M1-based Macs with the release of djay Pro AI for Mac, version 3.1.

Thanks to all of you for your patience. Happy mixing. :headphones:

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