Djay Pro for Mac - No beatport logo

Hi - I’m using DJay Pro for Mac and have a Beatport link account. When I open Djay on the library tab on the left it has soundcloud, Tidal and Apple Music but no logo for logging into Beatport Link.


Can you post a screenshot? Are you on djay Pro AI?

Are you using one of the new M1 silicon powered Mac’s? As I believe that Beatport integration only works on Intel based Mac’s for the time being.

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Hi Stu - yes I am so that explains it. Thanks

I have no option to login to Beatport when using djay Pro AI on MacBook Pro with M1, Big Sur 11.1.

The option for soundcloud & tidal are there only.

I can login using the same Mac using djay Pro 2.

Hi @GregStienlet,

I’ve moved your topic thread here as the question/solution is the same. At the moment, Beatport and Beatsource LINK are currently only available in djay Pro AI on Intel-based Macs. Sorry for any inconvenience. Our development team is currently looking into how this might be expanded in the future and we’ll keep you updated.



Brilliant - fixes the problem so easily. Nice hack. Thanks for the tip.

Keep in mind you lose all the benefits of the work they’ve done to optimize it for m1 that way, but may be a useful workaround in the meantime

Any updates on the roadmap for this one?

Unfortunately, we can’t share a set date yet for when this will be available. It is currently being investigated and I’ll update you here when we have more news. Thanks for your patience!

Hi, I also have an M1 MacBook Pro and only Tidal working with DJayPro AI. Other streaming services are labelled but there is no way to use them or even log in. I see the Jan 15 3.05 update has not fixed this. Would it be possible to use the Intel version of DJayPro AI for now until full M1 support for all streaming services is avaiable? If so is there a link? Current download directs me to App Store where only M1 version available to me.

Hi @Adam_Brown,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting your question. I’ve moved your question to this existing thread as I believe it will answer your question for now. The only available version of djay Pro AI is the one you’ll find on the Mac App Store for download. And rest assured we’ll keep you updated here when we have any further news about this.

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Thanks Emily - the “How-To Geek” post is the work around I needed!

Nice! Thanks for sharing

Any update on this?

AppStore pushed an update today but still no support for M1 and Beatport. How much longer will I have to run it in Rosetta?

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