Beatport LINK Pro and Beatsource LINK Pro+ Offline Track Capacity Raised to 1,000 Tracks!

Hi Everyone! We wanted to let you know about recent updates to the Beatport LINK Pro and Beatsource LINK Pro+ streaming service integrations that may be interesting for some of you who are looking for more offline track access while using djay.

The update increases the number of tracks available for offline use via their Offline Locker storage feature to 1,000, all fully accessible without need of an internet connection! This may be useful for those of you who have experienced spotty or even no internet connection when out and about for various events.

Please note that Beatport and Beatsource LINK streaming service integrations are currently available in djay Pro AI for iOS and Mac. For more details and specific subscription requirements, please check their websites.

Happy mixing! :headphones:


This is great news! Now if only Beatport would lower their subscription price a bit. 3X the cost of Tidal and SoundCloud Go+ is hard to justify IMO. If it was $20, I’d probably make the switch for the offline capability. I’m holding out hope that SoundCloud DJ, with it’s unlimited offline locker, will come to djay Pro AI soon.


great news!
now we also need folder support from Beatport so that we can manage all our playlists there :wink: