Beatport Pro and offline locker


I have the latest release of Djay Pro on mac ox, I have a beatport pro account and when I click to “Add to offline locker” I get the error “Your Offline Locker is Full” but it is empty.

I have a gig on sunday, I thought it would be easy to load my track offline, but it sucks … 

Can you help me ?

You need to be on one of the Beatport plans that allows for offline locker. The basic Pro subscription doesn’t allow for the use of the locker, only the 2 upper premium paid for levels, one has 50 offline slots and the other 100.

Yeah, they need to fix that error, it’s been reported. I have the same message, I can only load a track once from Beatport Linkk as if I go back and try to load/listen again a second time it produces the error…

Yes I have a pro account for 50 tracks.

This morning I have logged out from beatport et reconnect, and now when I can put a track in the offline locker but I get the error “OSStatus Error 2003334207” …

It seems ok for new tracks (tracks I never played), but I get the error for the track that I played yesterday and have already been downloaded in the DJay cache.

Is it possible to clear the cache ?

I have found where the data are stored, deleted the folder and now everything is ok.