Beatport Very Slow to Load

Has anyone else noticed the Beatport library is VERY slow to load when you have a large Offline Locker?

  1. I have a Beatport Link Professional subscription with 900 songs in my Offline Locker.
  2. When I launch djay and select the Beatport library view, it takes on average 1 minute and 45 seconds before I can see anything in the Beatport library.
  3. I’m pretty sure this is related to the Offline Locker because Beatport loads almost instantly on my iPhone that isn’t using the Offline Locker.
  4. Also, I’ve observed that I need to select the Beatport library view and remain there for the entire 1:45 loading time. If I change to the FX layout or even to a different library view like SoundCloud or My Library, Beatport does not continue loading in the background.

Hey @Slak_Jaw ,

Thanks for sharing this here in the Community.

Could you please confirm the iOS device and version as well as the djay version you have experienced this issue with?

Once I have this information, I will be looking into the issue with the help of our Testing Team and get back to you as soon as possible.


djay 4.1.5
iPad Air 4
Reloop Ready
iOS 16.3.1
Beatport Link Professional Subscription

Hey @Slak_Jaw ,

Thanks for providing the requested information.

Writing to confirm I have passed this along to our Dev Team and that the issue you have reported is actively being investigated.

I’ll get back to you here as soon as I have an update!

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