Beats are out of synchronisation with Tidal

I’ve been using Djay Pro for windows with Spotify for over a year and everything was more or less perfect. Two days ago I switched to Tidal with a HiFi subscription. Unfortunately now whenever I mix any songs, the beats are out of synchronisation. It doesn’t matter if I mix manually or automatically. It always sounds like the beats of one song are faster or slower in milliseconds than the beats of the other song - although the beat synchronisation is ON.
What I noticed is that if I synchronise the beats manually - by increasing or decreasing the tempo - the beat lines of the two songs are not aligned. Please refer to the attached pic. I uninstalled Djay Pro and installed it again. That didn’t help. Is it a bug?
Thank you.

i have the same issue as well

moi aussi j’ai le même problème

et quand je le cale manuellement sa fonctionne et quand j’apuie sur la fonction sync sa redecale tout

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