Beatsource - accessing to curated playlists?

Hi all,

hoping someone may be able to assist, I’ve made the move from Tidal to Beatsource due to the recent licensing issues. When I found that two songs couldn’t be played at once it was an immediate ‘cancel subscription’.

I’ve trialled beat source in the past, and I recall why I didn’t keep it. I can’t seem to access their curated playlists from within the djay search facility.

For example, they have a shed load of playlists for ‘weddings’ if you log in via a browser on their website. But the search result, both on my Mac and iPad for ‘wedding’ doesn’t show any results within the djay app - in fact the heading for playlists doesn’t show at all.

Am I missing something? As an open format DJ this is a killer feature, the ability to simply search a genre, event type, or even mood list to find related song was what I thought their unique selling point?

On a side note, hope everyone is set for a good holiday break.

@Slak_Jaw this might be a question for you given your experience with beatsource?

Can’t answer your question but how does Beatsource compare with Tidal?
Is Tidal still better for content besides the non stems and not being able to play different streaming sources issues?

The content is better than SoundCloud, but I wouldn’t say as comprehensive as Tidal. You can check for yourself on djay, click on beatsource and you can access the full library, but only play a minute and half of a track.

Also it’s nice to have the BPM and key of each track without having to analyse the song.

It’s enough to get me by in the short term, until I work out a long term solution, or tidal to come some sort of arrangement with DJ software suppliers.

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Thanks, I might give it a try.

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No problem dude, happy holidays :facepunch:t2:

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Beatsource is decent with bpm and key in library when you search. They have offline locker package with greater access to dj edits etc