Beatsource and Beatport " Internet Not Connected"

Although my wifi is connected. When I click to login to beatsource or beat port I get a pop up window that says “No internet connection”. Apple Music, SoundCloud and Tidal work fine.

Here’s what I’m using

Surface Pro 11 + Copilot
Windows 11 Pro Arm
16gb Ram
512gb SSD

Hi @Jimmy_Flores, are you using a VPN? If so, try turning it off.

No not using VPN was working fine on the previous version.

Okay thanks for confirming. Please try logging out of any Beatport and Beatsource apps on your device including and web browsers. Then close all apps, reboot your device, launch djay and try logging only into Beatport from within djay. Thanks!

No luck still the same

Strange. Okay, can you please share a screenshot of the message. I need to forward this to the engineering team to see if they can replicate the issue. Thanks!

See image below

Thanks for the screenshot. Please also share your exact version of Windows and version of djay.

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Thanks. What version of djay?

Great. Thanks. Everything sent to engineering. Will report back when I have news.

@Jimmy_Flores, are you able to log into your Beatport/Beatsource account via a web browser on the same device?

Yes I’m able to login outside of The Djay app with no problems. It’s only when using Djay

Thanks for checking @Jimmy_Flores

@Jimmy_Flores, our apologies, Beatport and Beatsource are currently not available on Arm-based Windows devices.

That’s odd, I had it working with the previous version of Djay. The issue stsrted as soon as I updated to this latest version.

Hi @Jimmy_Flores, that’s unfortunately expected. Djay 5.2 was optimized for Arm processors, so it now runs natively instead of using the Intel emulation and thereby significantly faster. We were not able to support Beatport/Beatsource natively yet, but we’re working with Beatport to get it supported.

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