Beatsource Offline Locker Error

I’m getting this error adding files to the Beatsource offline locker. Any ideas?

Just normal case, you are running out of memory.
Interesting though your app is using 46 GB mem.

Most old macs has 8 or 16 Gb mem and your usage is quite high. What it means that app needs to swap the data from memory to hard drive. And that will slow down your app and system quite heavily.

You can get new M1 and M2 based macs with 32 GB, 64 GB mem, but usually it ain’t worth the costs.

Would be interesting to know how big is your music library, off line locker etc…

But yeah, hard to know why our app is consuming 46 GB and that is the memory not the usage of the hard drive space.

I’m on M1 Macbook Air, 8 GB RAM, Mac OS Ventura, 256 GB Local SSD, 135 GB available, 512 GB external SSD, 220 GB available. My local library is managed in Apple Music and is 23.5 GB on the external SSD. Really not sure where these numbers in the error are coming from. I’ve got about 700 songs in the Beatsource Offline Locker, so even that shouldn’t be nearly that large…

It seems to happen only when I’m downloading songs into the offline locker, and this is the first time in years I’ve ever gotten an error…makes me a little nervous. When it’s not downloading it seems fine. I let it run all last night in AutoMix with no problems.

It is directly related to the size of your offline locker. 700 songs is pretty high. I have similar issues on my iPad with a 900 song offline locker. I don’t get the memory error, but djay takes close to 2 minutes to fully load when I launch it before I can access Beatport.

My djay app size with the offline locker is over 20GB. For comparison, the app size on my iPhone with the same library, but no songs in the offline locker is on 6GB.

So, when I check with the Activity Monitor, DJAY uses about 2 GB RAM. I downloaded about five songs to the offline locker then it jumped to about 9 GB. I closed DJAY and restarted and it went back to 2 GB. Downloaded more and it started jumping again…all the way up to about 46 GB when it froze and posted the error…hmmm…

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@doncolga have you submitted a bug report directly to Algoriddim through the app?

I’ve emailed a trouble ticket. I remember seeing the last update addressed some things with Beatsource…I wonder if it’s related? I’ve never had any trouble downloading files in the offline locker before. I have had trouble accessing the offline locker…which was almost a disaster…