Beginner: looping tutorials

Hi Gang,
My daughter and I purchased a mixtrack pro II and we are using djay pro on macbook pro. Are there tutorials somewhere on how to build a series of loops that we can mix into our songs? Also, am I right that we can buy loops and effects on the web at large and load them just like we would a song, then build our loops and mix them in as desired? So our setup is we like to load a Spotify song, then we want to change out to some custom loops and mix them in.

Thanks in advance for the help. We are excited about this adventure.


Hi Dane,

I’m so sorry, but there aren’t any tutorials on loops, so far.

You’d be able to built your own loops by using the Recording function. However, it won’t be easy to record them straight. You might have to adjust them afterwards by using a third party app.

About buying loops: Yes, there are a couple of websites you can buy loops from, e.g. “Beatport” or “Loopmasters”.

Hope you and your daughter will have a fun time playing around with djay!

Is it possible to fresh up my own or bought loops with any effects like echo or hall (is hall avaiable in djay2 for android?) directly in djay2?