Beginning and end of the song according to brand in Itunes

Hello. Since I can do in order that on having reproduced a song with Djay (Automix), there is kept the beginning and end marked in Itunes. Thanks a lot.


Hi Roberto,

I am sorry but I don’t fully understand what you mean. If you need any help, please explain your situation further.

Hi Warren. Sorry, but my english is bad. I ́m spanish.
Thanks for all. I found one topic about my problem:

“I’ve edited the start and stop times to several songs in my playlist on itunes using the “Get info.” But when I play that playlist in automix, those edits are ignored and the songs start and stop as they do on the original recording. Am I doing something wrong? I use my pc for itunes and my Iphone for the Djay app. Thanks for any help you can provide”.

And I read the answer to the question, that it isn ́t possible.

Thanks anyway.

I just saw it is possible to set the option “automatically jump to starting point”, but why it isn’t possible to stop the song automatically at the end point set in iTunes? Or can you tell me how to do it?