Behringer BCD-3000 "Program Change" Command for Mic Control


I have an old-school BCD-3000 that I actually really like because it is a basic MIDI Mixer with support for Phono in/DVS but also has jog wheels so I can take over cueing/control if I break a needle. Working great with iOS (some weird latency issue on Mac I’m working through, though).

In order to activate the Mic input (it has a nice XLR input and trim/EQs!), I need to send a MIDI “Program Change” to the BCD:

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 11.13.49 PM

I only see that I can send a “Note on/off” or a “Control Change (CC)” message:


Any way to send a MIDI Program Change command from DJAY?

Much Thanks,