Behringer cmd Studio 4A


I am working on the mapping for a Studio 4A from Behringer.
However, I can’t get the jog wheel to scratch when I touch the top and to just nudge when I touch the “contour”.
Also, I would like to know how to access to the light comportment of the buttons.
With the software that it came with, all the buttons are lit orange and some turn blue/green/orange when they are pressed.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Did you ever get this sorted? Im desperate!

I think I have managed to do it. If I get some more time this weekend I will see how reliable the process is and if enough people are interested I could do a video explanation maybe… Its pretty complicated!

I did it using “Midi pipe”

Hi Mathieu,

Try enabling “MIDI Out” under the “Advanced” options in the MIDI configuration window.

If “MIDI Out” doesn’t work, then this means that you can’t use MIDI learn to map the LED lights, sorry.

By the way, there’s an in-app tutorial regarding MIDI:

  • open “djay Help” from the “Help” menu
  • select “djay Tour” on the right
  • select “Using MIDI controllers…” on the left

Feel free to post it here as a request (= “idea”).

Which djay version do you have? What exactly isn’t working?

I want to use my Behringer CMD 4A with Djay 2 on the iPad!!! Will this ever be possible!?

Sorry guys, I have been able to map the jog wheels correctly…However, still no clue about the lights… Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Warren,
Thanks a lot for the quick reply. However, I already tried to play with the options in the midi out section and nothing happens on the controller. Knowing that I’m absolutely new to midi, is the tutorial or guides that can help me understand how to map the light comportment.
Thank in advance for your help

Unfortunately no…

ho un problema nel mappare la mia consolle berhinger bcd3000
funziona solo da scheda audio
e non posso mixare le tracce
aiutatemi vi prego

hey, how did you do that? would you share your mapping file?

any updates?