Behringer ddm 4000 midi mapping


Can I connect iPad mini 5 to my mixer (Behringer ddm 4000?) I have djay pro ai latest version. I also have dvs cotrol vinyl.
Can I use Technics sl1210 mk7 turntables for dvs?

Hello @Smuva, welcome to the forum!

  1. Here’s a list of DVS-compatible mixers for djay Pro AI on iOS and MacOS:
  2. Unfortunately, the Behringer DDM4000 is not on this list.
  3. However, if it is USB Class Compliant (ie doesn’t require drivers to be installed), then the audio interface should work and you should be able to able to MIDI map the controls yourself. I recommend you contact Behringer to determine if the DDM4000 is class compliant.
  4. As for the turntables, djay Pro AI supports 1kHz timecode records. So, as long as you have this and your turntables setup properly it should work fine. For more details please refer to this setup guide:

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