Behringer UMC204HD with IPad Pro 11

Anyone using a Behringer UMC204hd audio interface with an iPad?
I can’t get anything out of the outputs.
It works with the iPad for every other app I’ve tried and the inputs work for DVS control but nothing coming out of it.
I have selected the outputs correctly.
It works perfectly with my MacBook.

Hi @Sonicbreaks,

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  4. Do you have any other hardware or audio devices connected to your iPad?

Apologies for the lack of info.
I’m using an IPad Pro 11 M1 USB C
IOS 17.3
Anker 6 in 1 hub with power delivery
Djay Pro version 5.1.3
Behringer UMC204HD
I am outputting from the audio interface to a Vestax 05 Pro mixer.
1 turntable for DVS on left deck running right deck on internal mode.

So if I plug this exact set up into my MacBook it works perfectly.
When I plug into the iPad I can use the audio interface for all other apps with sound coming from channels 1&2 but I get nothing out when I try to use it with Djay Pro. But I can get DVS signal and control the left deck.

I have tried without the hub and it’s no different.
Annoyingly it started working last night after i rebooted for about the 20th time, but tried again today and it doesn’t work again. Still works on MacBook and still works with iPad apps apart from Djay Pro.

Very frustrating!!!

Thanks for the information @Sonicbreaks,

  1. Please disconnect everything from your iPad including the USB Hub, charging cable and USB cable.
  2. Close djay and all other apps on your iPad.
  3. Perform a Forced Restart of your iPad (Force restart iPad - Apple Support).
  4. After rebooting, connect only your USB Hub to the iPad and confirm that you see the blue peripheral icon on the top right of the screen.
  5. Connect your original iPad power adapter and cable to the USB Hub. Note that using a low wattage power adapter will likely not provide enough power for your external audio interface.
  6. Connect only your Behringer audio interface to the USB Hub using a high quality USB cable.
  7. Finally launch djay.

The order that you connect things with iOS is actually very important so please follow these steps in order and let me know if you’re still having issues.

Thanks @Slak_Jaw

I have followed your instructions but still have the same problem.
I am using a genuine Apple 96w power supply and a Chroma USB cable.
I have also just updated the IOS to 17.4

DVS signal is working and controlling the left deck but still no sound output from audio interface.

I have also tried internal mixer mode using channels 1 & 2 as main out but still get nothing.

All works as expected with MacBook.

Hi @Sonicbreaks, that’s all I can think to suggest. I’m not a DVS user so I suspect the issue lies in that setup. Can you please confirm if the Behringer UMC204HD outputs sound if you set the Mixer Mode to Internal and turn Enable DVS OFF? Thanks!

Hi @Slak_Jaw
I still have no output from UMC204HD with DVS turned off.
I have read on a Reddit thread that this audio interface requires you to turn up the iPad volume to max before you will get any output.
I can replicate this on other apps but with Djay you cannot turn up the iPad volume once the audio interface is selected.
At this point I assume that this is my issue.

Yeah, the iPad volume could be the issue. I’ve seen this before as well. You should be able to turn up the iPad volume either using the physical buttons on the iPad or from the top of the main Settings screen in djay even with external hardware connected.

I will continue to try and get it working. If I figure out what’s going on I will share it here.
Thanks for your efforts @Slak_Jaw

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You’re welcome @Sonicbreaks. Hope you figure it out.

@Slak_Jaw I just wanted to give an update in case anyone else was considering this audio interface.
It does not work on IOS with DJay Pro…
I tried also on my iPhone 13 Pro and had the exact same result as I was having with the iPad Pro.
The outputs work with every app except DJay Pro.

Thanks for the update @Sonicbreaks. I don’t have access to this hardware or a DVS system to test for myself unfortunately. Did you try setting the

  1. Mixer Mode: Internal
  2. DVS: Off
  3. Main Output: UMC204HD ch1-2
  4. Pre-Cueing: UMC204HD ch 3-4.
  5. Then connecting the RCA 1-2 Outputs of the UMC204HD to powered speakers to see if you get any sound playing through?

Hi @Slak_Jaw
Yes I tried all of those.
It just doesn’t work.
I got rid of it and bought a Denon DS1 which is working perfectly. Stability on the iPad Pro is excellent also.

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Okay. Thanks for the follow up @Sonicbreaks. I’m going to close this topic then.

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