Is it possible to use behringer CMD Studio 2A controller with djay on Windows?

I had a Behringer cmd studio 2a. I made it work, and I have shared my midi-config file somewere here in the forum. It was a couple of years ago I think. Try searching…

As DJ THE RIDDLER already said.

The Behringer CMD Studio 2A is not natively supported like the Numark Party Mix (which is Plug and Play).

But you can also map the basic functionalities of the Behringer with the Midi Learn of djay Pro for Windows.

You can find further information about the midi mapping in the manual:…

Go to djay pro 2 midi devices and see the list of compatible. Controllers that work well with djay pro 2 for windows or Mac

I Would tell you DJ don’t bye it or risk it you can be disappointed I recommend buying the one controllers that are listed I have a vestex spin 1 works great with windows & Mac
I also have pioneer wego 2 works great for windows and Mac I also have the pioneer ddj SB3 works wonderfully great all functional I recommend any of thy above i also would like to let you know DJAY PRO algoriddim is made for Mac ok you might encounter issues with the windows 10 edition with some unknown controllers. I been using DJAY PRO FOR YEARS NOW WITH MAC and I love it the club love it it’s the only software that you can use Spotify records

I’m glad to help you you are welcome numark works well

Yes you can do the mappings your self if you like but it is not the same as plug and play like numark mixtrack is navtively already map for you. Now you will encounter issues if you do not know how to do this mapping perhaps there is a guide for this I don’t know maybe you can go to the Beringer website and download load the drivers for windows 10 maybe this might help

I did, it isn’t on the list, but it also says that most midi controllers might work to djay, so i just wanted to know if anyone tried it and knows if it is possible, before i buy it.

Okay thank you. I don’t know much about DJ, i am buying it for a gift. And i wanted to make sure the controller works with djay so he Can use Spotify. I want to buy something not too expensive. I’ve been looking at the Numark Party Mix aswell and it should work so i Think i Will go with that one. Thank you for your response, it helped.

Thank you.
So it is possible to use the behringer 2A, but you got to do something to make it work? I tried to find out what mapping means and i dont really get it.
Just read the mapping part of the manual, but wouldn’t it be too difficult for someone who never tried DJ’ing before?

Okay thank you, i have brought Numark Party Mix, since it seemed like the best option, but thank you anyways.