Best app for exploring Music library on iOS

Just wanted to put this out here to let you know. I’ve been searching for a suitable app to let me explore and work with my locally synced Music library on my iPhone. Something that lets me use BPM, lets me see musical key (written in comments) and lets me filter and organize with this metadata. After taking a look at Songowl, Soor, the internal and a few others, I landed on Marvis Pro. I can highly recommend it if you want to work more with your metadata on the go.

In the screenshot I’m showing here I have it set up to display BPM and my comments on the right-hand side of a track. In the mini player at the bottom, it shows the BPM along with the star rating. This is (almost) fully customizable and should therefore suit many different use cases.

Maybe I didn’t understand exactly what you can do with it, but it looks to me like you can browse your collection by different criteria and of course play and listen to it. But can you also use this together with DJay Pro, for example create playlists that can then be used when working with DJay Pro? Especially the smart playlists from iTunes or the Music App is something that still does not work with the iPhone or iPad. It would be nice to be able to use that without a computer, as well as uploading tracks to iTunes Match.

This sounds great. Can you post the link for the app?

Yes, sure: ‎Marvis Pro on the App Store

It’s basically a replacement of the - it lets you browse your music and play it.

I would wish djay could copy this approach and let us decide which metadata to show. Would be amazing! :star_struck: