Best controller £400-700 budget

Hi all,

First post and hello.
Was wondering best controller to use with djay pro latest vers.
Looked at all sorts, beatpad2, mixon 4, numerous pioneers and so on.Also would like of poss to run 2 X decks thru a phone but if not I can still use the master out of controller and put to channel 3 on my standalone mixer with Ch 1&2 on decks- I know this will take up more space but not really an issue.

So just wondering what would be my best options to get max usage of all djay pro functions with what controller. I don’t mind either new or used (eBay etc) options also.

Much appreciated as much feedback as possible.

Reloop Beatpad 2
Traktor Kontrol S3
Numark NS4FX
Pioneer DDJ-SR2

Reloop MIXON 4
Numark NS6II
Traktor Kontrol S4 mk2

Reloop MIXON 8
Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT
Rane One

I think Serato controller are a better match for djay Pro’s design, but there are also excellent Rekordbox controllers that work great with djay Pro and are natively supported, but you might have to do extra work to access specific features (for example, triggering FX).

Pioneer DDJ-400
Pioneer DDJ-FLX6
Pioneer DDJ-800
Pioneer DDJ-1000


Hi @Entech70,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

While we ultimately can’t decide for you, @Michael_Wisniewski has provided a great list of controllers that are all compatible with djay, each offering unique layouts and functionalities!

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Thanks for reply on this.

So I was thinking of reloop bpad2 or the mixon 4 .

What do you think is best option?

(Personally) I prefer the Beatpad 2 for the:

  • “fits-in-a-backpack” size
  • AUX-IN (the MIXON 4 doesn’t seem to have it?!?)
  • and I only use 2 channels

BUT but I prefer the club layout of the transport controls on the MIXON 4.

Outside of those things, both are very similar.

The main issue I have with both Reloop controllers is the custom lightning cable used for iPhones /iPads. Depending on where you live, it can be expensive to source backup cables. Plus I’m not sure how you to effectively connect a USB-C iPad/iPhone without needing fiddly dongles.

I currently own a MIXTOUR with the same issue and it works great, but I’m still using a lightning iPad.

Does a NI trak control s4 work with djay pro iOS?

Do not buy a controller if you are thinking about using it with an android device. There is an issue currently with not having the ability to pre-cue/ listen on headphones when using a controller.

I believe the djay app and controller works perfectly on IOS though and there is a more extensive range of controllers available. Plenty of good youtube videos showing each one in action.

That one was fairly simple to answer lol
But it’s great the S3 and the S2 mk3 work

I don’t understand “2. Decks through a phone “ are you talking about into an analog mixer

Should have read 2 decks thru a phono