Best controller for Macbook and DJay Pro 2

I am a heavy user of DJay Pro (100+ mobile gigs) and I used to have a Pioneer DDJ SX2 which worked quite well with the software.
Then I upgraded to the new Pioneer DDJ 1000. Gosh! Horrible integration!!!

Algoriddim side:
1- DJay Pro cannot cover half of the features and effects the controller has (if it was running on Rekorbox).
2- When using some of the effects (the few existing ones), often the software closes by itself (in the middle of the set). I am too scared to use any now!!
3- The DJay Pro 2 does not recognize the fine movements on the CDJ-sized jog wheel - shame!
4- DJay Pro does not recognize which deck is in use, so, it locks to load new tracks and does not auto-select the headphone.

Pioneer side:
5- Differently from the DDJ SX2, the DDJ 1000 does not have some of the shortcuts, like to set the 1st beat or even to skip the beat/range when looping the beats.
6- Crossfader curve adjust, something I used to set it finely DDJ SX2, I cannot do it the DDJ 1000.

Now, my question is…


I see on the pictures in the website the Rellop Mixon 4, but that is for iPad.
I need something more robust, in which I can search dozen of times each night for tracks (requests).

Reloop Mixon 4 is an awesome controller

It works work ipad, iphone, macbook and pc

It works with djay, serato, traktor and virtual dj

What more do you need?

I am currently running Djay pro 2 on my mac and DDJ SX3. Wondering how you find it? Any crashes? Do you think there is a better controller for Djay pro?

I tried the Pioneer DJ for my DJs at NOVA DJs and most of them did not like the integration between them. We switched back to DDJ SX3.