Best Controller for (non pro) Djay Pro with Neural


I am new in controller world… and read A LOT.
From Pioneer FLX4 to Reloop Mixon 8…but i’m lost.

What i am looking for is a good controller what is working 100% good with DjayPro and Neural . I am a huge fan of this (DjayPro and Tidal).
It has to work with a Imac and a Ipad Pro…(of course)
The Reloop Buddy has knobs for Neural, but i think this controller is to light for me at the end… i do not want to upgrade every 6 months.

For now is Tidal (Streaming) music the most important way to mix…

That brings the next issue,… Record the mix. I know, this is not possible, is there a good way to do this , besides a tapedeck or external software??

A good combination for those two i’m looking for.

Thank you very much for your help…

All depends what music flow you want to do. Is it blend mixing, cutting, scratching with quick mixing or those long trance blend mixes. Do you need jog wheels? No streaming service allows direct recording from djay software.

I’m in the same boat. Started by using generic midi controllers. That route is for learning the hard way and also gives valuable insight into DJ workflows because you are not forced into a standard workflow. But not everybody’s cup of tea because you have to map all the midi details yourself. If you want a flexible controller, look at the EQ sections. Do they have sufficient knobs if you would like to control all stems? Do you need scratching? Most controllers have big deck volume sliders, but in certain workflows they are less used but take a lot of space. If you like effects, look at the possibilities for that …

But there are better experienced DJ’s here, just wanted to mention my experience … good luck!

Bought a mixon 8 pro
I was looking for a compact 4 ch controller for home usage. Compared flx6, traktor s4, denon sc4 lite and Mixon 8.

Flx6 is very compact and ideal for home usage but the build quality is to not equal the others and layout is made for rekordbox.

Traktor s4 did not include a serato pro license and has no official support for djay pro

Denon sc4 was very temping since it can be used as a stand alone controler but the screen is very small and the controller has no official support for djay pro

Mixon 8 pro is quite compact, can be used as a standalone controller with an ipad and included serato pro. Got a great deal why it was a no brainer.
Any controller will be a compromise but currently mixon 8 is likely the best choice if you transition between serato and djay

Forget any statements about club standard etc. And choose the controller that meet your needs.

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Thank you (all)… it is a ‘hard’ but nice journey. And on the way you learn a lot.
And @Kasper i’m as we speak, in a negotiation with someone with a Mixon 8.
I think that is the right controller for me.
Setup: Mixon 8 , IMac/pad DjayPro, Neural Tidal… and then, whatever it takes… i have to find something to record.
So any tips, suggestions are more than welcome!

Thanks again…