Best Controller that makes the most of DJ AI?

Hi, I just downloaded the DJay Pro AI update onto my Mac, which is amazing, thank you Algoriddim! I was going to get a new controller - can anyone recommend one that makes the most of the new DJ Pro AI? Cheers, Steve

I’m actually also looking for that as well but I don’t think there’s any hardware that is geared towards the new Neural Mix features just yet. My approach is to wait until there is - maybe Reloop comes up with something cool?

Apart from that, you can just map some of the functionality - your EQ knobs even become Neural Mix knobs automatically when you switch the UI in that way :slight_smile:


I’d like there is such a controller too, optimized for AI. But none until now.
Many new software functions coming out, time for hardware updates.

Ah thanks, I guess the mapping is the only solution atm

If you change the EQ section of the GUI to NM you can then use your High, Mid and Low EQ knobs as NM controllers…Works for me… :grinning:

I did try and remap some of the SB3’s Scratch Pad buttons to NM with limited success…The NM functions worked but I couldn’t get the Scratch Pad function to disappear so it ended up scratching with the selected NM doing its thing as well…messy!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks Sootee. I have posted the question here on the YouTube digital DJ channel - they give the DJay AI software an amazing review - hoping they will make a recommendation, but ultimately, it’s for the guys as Algoriddim to make some suggestions.


That video has made me VERY jealous of the Mac version over my iOS version now!!

The capabilities of NM on a Mac just rip the iPad apart…

Thanks for sharing the video but I think you’ve inadvertently cost me around two and a half grand… :scream:

Well, Reloop has just released a new controller that has controls specific to Neural Mix. It is decidedly targeted towards beginners, though. See more info here.

It looks like something Fisher price would turn out!! :laughing:

At least manufacturers are starting to implement the newest software features.
I’d like to see 3 controllable FXs sections, neural mix, and gesture/visualizer controls.

There isn’t a controller specifically designed for Neural Mix, but it’s all MIDI mappable, so something like the Novation Launch Control XL would have plenty of controls as a companion on Mac (or iPadOS if you have a USB-C iPad) to a normal all-in-one. You should even be able to get all four decks of NM going on Mac.

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Are you having issues with sb3 jog wheel controls . I’m using an iPad 7th gen with djay pro and my ddj sb3 . It mapped it out but The jog wheel is not very responsive when the track is playing . I can’t stop the track completely by touching it .

Has anyone tested Korg nanoKontrol2? It’s cheap, packed w buttons/faders and doesn’t require much power.

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I have managed to map a Korg nanoKONTROL2 but I cant get Midi Out from configuration panel (it’s greyed out) . Any ideas?

How is this done may I ask? Is it possible to map a toggle NM/EQ Command or do you have to set the Eq knob behaviours as fixed? Cant see it on your amazingly useful spreadsheet!

I recently picked up a used Vestax VCM-600 and it is life-changing when used with DJay Pro for iOS!

So many mappable features! If you can get one second hand I HIGHLY recommend it as THE BEST controller for DJay Pro!

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Dear DanM. It would be awesome if you happen to have a mapping of the LCXL to share. Thank you.

Hi everyone
unfortunately after one year of sourcing on the internet I can tell there are not enough informations about deejay pro al .
the best is testing , so I did, and I can say that the only controller that fully works with macbook is pioneer dj400 or 200.
i wish I could talk to someone who can explain me more about it.
merry Christmas

If Reloop was smart they’d make a Djay AI Flagship controller, especially for mobile DJs. The Mixon 4 is kinda outdated.

Reloop announced just that on this years’ NAMM: the Reloop Mixon 8 Pro. It will launch this fall AFAIK. See: Reloop Mixon 8 Pro - Reloop

It looks nice… :stuck_out_tongue: