Best usb hub for iPad Pro ?

I’m looking for a super reliable USB-C hub , Ideally with a long cable, Or a detachable one. What’s the best?

@Nubium in general, I can recommend the USB hubs from Baseus. I’m currently using their 7 in 1 hub, but have had great success with some of their other hubs as well.

Once again, thanks so much. And what about USB cables? Do you spend extra money getting very high-quality ones

You’re welcome. I’m a little biased, but I only use USB cables from DJ TechTools.


Do you have any idea why the cables are so short? They just look stupid when the hub is dangling in the air. I like a hub with either a long cable or a detachable one so that I couldn’t put a longer cable on

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The max. length depends on the type of usb cable.
There is an overview with explanation at:

I use the Caldigit Element Hub with my iPad and it was working fine.

USB-C audio interface, DJ controller, additional controllers and external monitor (nice for the DJay video feature) all connected to it and it then also powers the iPad. Has a detachable host cable (for max. length see my previous reply).

Two different cables included.

Something different, but clever…

@Mister_Tuur that is interesting. Was sold on it until I saw it was all USB-A minus the laptop/tablet PD connection. Also only 60W PD :frowning:

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It’s a bit older already. I suspect there will be a version 2, but when… I still like it a lot in its current form.

You’ll also get a bunch of cables with it, including USB-A to USB-C cables.

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