📣 Beta access to the all-new djay Pro AI for Windows

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to share some news about djay on Windows: you’re invited to be among the first to test the brand new version of djay Pro AI for Windows!

Sign up here for free access to the beta:

We’ve rebuilt and redesigned the app from the ground up to bring cutting-edge djay features and its award-winning design to Windows. This is a massive update, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. New features include:

  • All-new UI - Enjoy an intuitive and sleek user interface, providing a seamless and immersive DJing experience.

  • Neural Mix - Unleash your creativity with Neural Mix, the groundbreaking technology that allows you to isolate and manipulate individual elements of any track in real time

  • DVS (Digital Vinyl Control) - Embrace the future of DJing with AI-powered DVS, providing unmatched precision and control over your tracks and scratches.

  • Enhanced MIDI control - Native integration with over 100 MIDI controllers, including MIDI learn to suit your unique style

  • ASIO support - Experience ultra-low latency control of your favorite controllers with ASIO support, enabling a smooth and responsive performance.

  • Beatport and Beatsource

  • All-new audio and analysis engines

:warning: Important: Please report any specific feedback, such as bugs or issues, by clicking the “Send Feedback” button in the app (preferred) or writing to beta@algoriddim.com. Any general thoughts and comments can be shared below this post, but please refrain from opening separate topics about the beta here in the forum.

Enjoy the beta, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts! Have a great day. :headphones:


Nice! This looks really promising…

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I’m curious to see if anyone is interested in a *buntu version…


Well… I’ve played around with the Windows Beta for a few hours now, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed.

  1. It looks pretty much identical to the MacOS version and has lots of GUI layout customization options.
  2. Neural Mix seems to work great on my Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 laptop.
  3. It also worked with my Reloop Mixon 8 Pro and Reloop Ready.
  4. I was even able to import my custom MIDI Mappings and Media Library from iOS.
  5. The only issue I’ve noticed so far is that my Hot Cues from my iOS Media Library import are slightly off the grid points.

I have to say great work Algoriddim! Huge improvement over the previous Windows version that I used.


Gonna give this a solid go tomorrow.


I am not a Windows user, but I’m going to check this out. Very interested to know if they have integrated the screen reader into the application as they have done in. Mac

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Currently unable to set up the DJM 900 SRT or DJM V10 as an ASIO device. Both show error, and the app freezes

Edit: Got em working. You need to make sure the sample bigger is matching what is set in the djm control panel before selecting it as an asio device.

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Currently, Algoriddim on iOS reads the Serato hotcue tags on my files. However, the windows Desktop app does not. Is there a way to import hotcues and grids from Serato to algoriddim?

(Mixo failed and lexicon does not support algoriddim yet).

@Myalteredsoul DJCU can convert Serato Hot Cues to djay, but I believe it’s Mac only.

I was able to copy the database files from iOS over to Windows though. Copy the entire User Data folder onto you Windows machine. Inside this folder you’ll find 3 files with the same names as the ones already in your djay folder. These files contain your Hot Cues and playlists.

Mine only has one file. I’ll give that a try

No. Copy the entire User Data folder to your PC. When you open it on PC you will see files that are hidden on iOS.

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@Myalteredsoul you’re looking for these 3 files. Copy them into the Music\djay\djay Media Library folder on your PC. Probably a good idea to backup the original files first just in case you run into any problems.


After doing this, the hotcues still aren’t showing up in the windows version of algoriddim

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Strange. Well it worked for me…

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The playlists and metadata matched, but no hotcues

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Odd. Can you confirm that your Hot Cues exist in djay on iOS first? Do you have multiple installations of djay on your iOS device (ex. Beta versions)? If so, make sure you’re grabbing from the correct djay folder in the Files App. Maybe try copying the files over to your PC a second time?

Only one version of DJay installed on my iPhone.
Hotcues are present in the iOS version

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The UI looks way too big. Feels like an iPad version ported to Windows.

Missing info boxes when hovering over icons to know what they are.

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The new UI is good but can be made perfect by implementing my ideas.

Starting at the very top with the Layout:

  1. Please move the Record button to just left of the “Djay PRO AI” logo.
  2. Put a Settings Cog wheel (Gear) where the Record button is currently.
  3. Move Master Volume slider to the right side of the “Djay PRO AI” logo.
  4. On the right side make the Clock appear a bit larger and bold.
  5. Move the Pitch faders to the Outside of each Turntable/Jog Wheel.
  6. Take the Sync button, make it smaller and put it in the Play/Cross-Fader panel directly below the
    new Pitch fader location.
  7. Add a Pause or Stop button (two bars or one square) inside the Play button on the left side.
  8. Locate the new Play/Pause button directly below each Turntable/Jog Wheel.
  9. Make the Pitch fader and Cross-Fader about 30% smaller.
  10. Make the Play/Cross-Fader row, Neural Mix, FX, Etc. rows about 33% shorter.
  11. Move the Arrows next to the Cross-Fader closer and include a button to center the Cross-Fader.
  12. Center the Neural Mix knobs under the EQ knobs.
  13. Mirror Deck A to Deck B by reversing the order of Track/Artist/Time and Key. For example in Deck B move the Key above the Gain slider and the Timer to the right.
  14. Put the BPM below the Key of each Deck and make it bold.
  15. The Yellow and Blue highlights in the Browser section are too bright and would look great in a lighter shade.