Better library navigation on Vestax spin 2 incl. pre-cueing


On the Vestax Spin 2 the controller navigation inside the library is currently bound to the playlist chosen. To switch to another playlist or to browse e.g. by genre I always have to use the touch screen.

It would be great if

  • Shift - Up would bring me one level up (e.g. from playlist “A” to “list of playlists”
  • “Left” (Load B) on a higher level would descend into the choosen item…

Also, I find myself using the pre-listening inside the library all of the time.

It would be great if in song/ track level a Shift - Left (Load B) would always skip 10 seconds forward.

The idea is to navigate the library incl. using the pre-listening feature without touching the display - I guess that what a controller is made for :wink:

I know that this whole “Shift” pressing business is not really intuitive - but it would certainly make the lives of Spin 2 users easier.

Thank you.


Hi Maik,

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll change this into a feature request (= “idea”).