Better Tidal Playlists Integration

We need to be able to rearrange the order of our playlists from tidal the way we want. We can sort them in tidal, but only alphabetically or chronologically. It doesn’t really matter because Once in Djay they always appear in the order we created it in tidal (chronologically). Thanks.


Thank you for the suggestion. At the moment djay mirrors the default Tidal playlist order. Have you tried using the My Library feature in which you can add create and reorder tracks and playlists from all supported sources?

I can give you an example…

  • I have about 450+ playlists on Tidal, almost all imported to djpro as playlists
  • I frequently add new tracks on those playlists on Tidal
  • I want to add those new tracks also to My Library playlists
    => there is no easy way to search & filter Tidal playlists on djpro

I started using the My Library feature on my primary device (iPad) but those playlists don’t sync with my other devices. That’s why a better library/playlist management from tidal is necessary or better yet, sync my library across all devices.

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