Better UI State Saving.

There are a bunch of places in the UI that I would like to see better state saving. (Ideally, I think most every UI control should be saved and restored whenever djay is restarted, including whatever playlist you are in, the sort orders for each individual playlist, etc.)

For example, in pad mode, I would always like for it to show Cue Points and Saved Loops, not just Cue Points. Anytime I restart djay, it resets it to just Cue Points.

Then I have to change it… every time.

Good catch that. Yes this would be v useful. Should be very simple fix.

And I just noticed that the state is now saving and I don’t need to keep switching it… maybe there still is a bug that initially caused it to not save, but right now it’s working as I’d like it to.

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I’ve also requested this for iOS. Cool feature.

Thanks for the suggestion @kokernutz ! I’ve shared this with the dev team for consideration.

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