Better Waveforms

The Rekordbox waveforms with song breakdown, intro, outro, bridge etc can we have a look at that?

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Hi @paul_gordon,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Could you please explain in greater detail (possibly with some reference photos) how you would like to see djay’s waveforms updated similar to Rekordbox and on what platform(s)?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

Yes I would like it work, and I apologize for this as well as VDJ,

The DJAI ones are the ones with nothing lol, also implementation of Stems works on VDJ by using channel 3 and 4 and works perfectly, no such luck on AI even setting eq to AI but workable on VDJ by using different channels, actually better. I love AI but it’s not feasible in my bar work with no screen and no controller stems control

This is more about screen support for XDJ XZ btw, my biggest gripe, no screens, waveforms, jog wheels info at all

I think thisis a good representation of what rekordbox does. It tries to identify which parts of a song are intro, outro, etc. There are two different modes, one for electronic music (intro, up, down, chorus, etc.) and one for pop music (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc.). rekordbox automatically decides if a song is electronic music or pop but you are able to correct that if it gets it wrong. See examples below.

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