Big Issue with Djay pro 2 and playlists reporting ""error OSStatus 2003334072"

Hi there, still have problems with shared storage and playlists. I had a copy of my music stored in my internal HS in a USB disc. i made a playlist with some of the tracks grabbed from The USB disc. But when i decided, not to use this disc with Djay Pro, my playlist reports “error OSStatus 2003334072” each time i try to replace the track stored in the USB disk by the one on my internal disk. And even when i create a new playlist this problem still happens. Have you an idea how to solve this problem please?
P.S. I don’t want to use USB Disc anymore because i have to attach it each time i use Djay Pro, and can’t use a network Storage because the search engine don’t work over my network at home)

I’m running Dajay Pro 2 (V2.0.11) on a MackBook Pro (high Sierra)

Been going on for years still no fix