Big waveform glitch during the set


First, sorry for my English, I’m French and I try my best :innocent:

I’ve been using Djay Pro for almost a year, several times a week. At the beginning I had no problem but for some time I have a big one.

This happens every time around 1 am and every dj set. Part of the waveform disappears and the missing part is corrupted. It happens on different files. So I ruled out a file problem.
I have the latest Macbook Pro M1 so I doubt it’s a software issue.

I think it’s a sound synchronization problem. In the file of the record of the bug, we hear the loop start normally and shift on its own without action on my part. While in auto sync.
Then there is a looping 1 beat glitch. I had to duplicate the file by loading it on the other track to quickly change the side of the mix.

Record of the bug : SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

You have an example of what should have been mixed without bug : SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

The next day, still around 1 a.m., I avoided the same problem. You have the photo where we see the file with part of the waveform gone. The problem was exactly the same…

Has anyone had this problem before? What can I do ?

My files are all in 16bit 44.1kHz wave so I don’t understand…

Thank you for your comeback,


@1NSONGE Do you have some kind of background task scheduled on your Mac for around 1am? Perhaps a cloud backup, automatic updates or something else that is consuming CPU resources?

Thanks for your answer ! During the set my wifi is cut so there is normally no way for a cloud backup sync… I also close every application to prevent disc access. All my sound library is on my computer in physical and not in the cloud. Do you have another idea ?

I just see that Djay Pro is on the list of the software save on the cloud, do you think it’s that ?

Hmmm… sounds like you’re doing everything right. Do you have anti-virus software or something else that might be running in the background?

I suggest running a test on a non-gig night at the same time of day so that you can properly troubleshoot it without the stress of a live situation. I would also try duplicating the issue at a different time of day to see if it’s related to the duration of your DJ set or a specific time of day.

I have CleanMyMac but I don’t think it’s that…

It’s interesting ! When I test my set I never have this problem… And I can work 3 hours with no bug… I will try to do a “test set” around 1am.

Do you have any other leads? Is there is any log of the software to know what happen when there is the bug ?


I’m sure there’s a log, but don’t know where it’s stored on MacOS since I mainly use iPadOS. My best suggestion is try to mimic the conditions of your gig as closely as possible at home. Including the same power supply, adapters, USB cables, time of day, set duration, etc… If you can duplicate it at home you will have more time to carefully troubleshoot it.

I suspect one of the Algoriddim staff will chime in here shortly with some additional suggestions. I would also submit a support ticket to Algoriddim through the djay Pro AI app.

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Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

So that I can better assist you could you please answer the following questions:

  1. Would you be able to update the SoundCloud links you provided as the service says “This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed Learn more”?
  2. In this small sections where the waveform is visually available does the track play as intended?
  3. What version of djay are you using?
  4. What version of macOS are you running?
  5. Is the live setting extremely warm or hot that you are DJing in?

Additionally, could you confirm whether or not my diagram made with your picture above is accurate?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Thanks for the answer.

  1. For SoundCloud it’s good now you can access with the link.
  2. I confirm you that the track play as intended where the waveform is visually
  3. I use the last one 4.0.13
  4. I am running on MacOS Ventura 13.0.1
  5. When I’m on live this no but not extremely warm we are in France and discotheque are no so warm

I confirm you what you draw on the screen, where the waveform is missing, there is a sort of corruption like you can hear on the SoundCloud. The problem is I can’t skip the missing part because when it bug, there is a loop of 1 bit so the only way to react is to change the side of the mix.



Some other background tasks to turn OFF:

  1. Notifications
  2. Widgets
  3. Bluetooth and Airdrop

NOTIFICATIONS (in System Preferences)

WIDGETS (click the date to view)
Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 6.19.31 PM

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 6.19.51 PM


I have similar issues like described by @1NSONGE
Screenshots attached below

MBP early 2015 / macOS Mojave 10.14.6 / 3.1 GHz i7, 16 Gb Ram
djay Pro AI 4.1

Setup: ELITE Mixer and 2 RANE Twelves
Mostly happens during beat juggling or when i flip cue points.

Oh that’s interesting ! Do you avec the same sound glitch when the waveform disappears ?

Thanks for the tips !

Oh that’s interesting ! Do you avec the same sound glitch when the waveform disappears ?

more or less. the sound, or the decks, stops immediately or there are some strange drop outs or glitches. without sync activated.

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Thanks for sharing that info for our teams to review.

Recently djay Pro AI has been updated to v4.1 in the Mac App Store. Would you mind confirming whether or not this issue is still happening to you?

By any chance, does this issue also occur with different file formats, bit rates, etc?

Additionally, were you able to complete a “test set” around 1 am in the hopes of triggering this issue. Thanks to @Slak_Jaw for the suggestion.

It may also be a good idea to turn on Do Not Disturb or another Focus feature found in the macOS control center (located in the top right corner of your screen).

Eagerly awaiting your response!

Hi @Louis_de_Fumer,

I do wonder if these issues are similar if not equal in nature.

How long have you been dealing with this issue?

Additionally, does this issue happen whether or not your external hardware is connected?

Hi @NathanielAlgo

I’ve had this problem since the beginning. I’ve been testing djay pro ever since it became possible to use DVS, regularly since version 4.0. and it doesn’t matter what I play with.

(Players: Phase, Rane Twelves, Turntables and DVS / various mixers: Z2, Elite, DJM-S9, DJM-S11)

so I’ve never used it without hardware until now and unfortunately I can’t tell you much about it. I’ll definitely do that in the next few days and let you know here again.

I’ve seen this happen in older versions. As far as I could tell it always had to do with performance / buffering. Like when you first activate a stem there can be a hiccup because it’s not (correctly?) buffered in advance.

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Hi @Louis_de_Fumer,

Yes, please do as it will help us in understanding whether or not this is a niche/outlier issue or something larger.

Happily awaiting your reply!