Bigger Better Faster Search Functions

Just an idea…

Instead of search showing in a small limited view, would it be possible to have search show up somewhere in the crates (DJ Library)? That way giving more space to see remix names and to view more?

Also a combine button to search all streaming services that you have enabled? Or even a check list to search whichever streaming service you want… say I want a dance track and I know Beatsource will only have the radio edit and I’d like the extended version so I can search Beatport at the same time.

Or… even a search field modifier to search radio edit, extended or remix would be dope!

Keep up the amazing work!


Hey @Rob_Peach_Mellor ,

Thank you for writing your suggestions here in the Community.

We appreciate you taking the time and sharing this, and it’s nice to see other users supporting your post :slight_smile:

I will pass this feedback on each of the ways you suggested to improve our Search to our Dev Team, and get back to you if there are any related updates.


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