Bigger waveform in screen option

Larger scale of waveform.

-iPad 9inch up to date firmware
-Djay full subscription

  • Mixtour by Reloop latest firmamware.

I would like to see an option for just wave forms. I use a controller and don’t need all that space on screen for a library or eq etc.
It’s important for me when I play to have the screen be more productive. I feel like most actual DJs that play gigs would like this. I don’t want to buy a massive iPad to do so. I also push this software to friends, but as of the overhaul not sure if I ll continue. I want Algoriddim to be as good as Pioneer, and say I was there since the iPad 2 version. But I feel like so so grid accuracy, buggy sync, noise distortion on low frequency bass while in KEyLock , are all essential to be looked at as a Professional software. I hope in future updates you guys focus on what made us love you.
Thank you

Thanks for your feedback. We are constantly improving the app and I’ll be sure to pass on these requests internally. Do you use vertical or horizontal waveforms? Also can you provide more details on buggy sync?

Thanks for the detailed feedback. The issue you describe sounds like the audio latency over the network is miscalculated by a constant offset. We’ll look into that. Did you experience any of this with just 2 or 4 tracks playing in sync (and no Ableton Link network interaction going on)? Also what kind of setup where you using Ableton Link with (e.g. djay running on iPad + other apps running on Mac)?

Sounds like an awesome setup, we’d love to check out the video clip. And thank you for your kind words, so glad you like the app and I’ll be sure to pass that on to the team.

I would also like the option for a bigger wave

I use vertical waveforms in classic mode. As far as the issues I’ve had with my buggy sync I’ve found that when running djay app I must close any and all background running and refreshing apps. I was leaving iPad plugged into the charger at all times but now I’ve recently started using the wego Gen 2 which doesn’t allow me to charge my iPad while the wego is in use. This alone doesn’t seem to be enough to knock the sync out of perfect unison but if I engage ableton link and have multiple hardwares or softwares interacting with a Leon link. I’ve found dyay will start to lag a bit and the sync can come out of perfect unison. Not sure if my fix is a proper one but I’ll move the beat grid (on the fly) on one of the tracks.

Ya hey no problem at all. I did experience some latency between two tracks synced and playing together. It wasn’t a huge amount but enough your hand keeps shooting for a jog wheel or pitch c ontrol. It seemed while playing it eventually came back to perfect timing. But the 10 seconds of percussion not lining up is cringe worthy. Anyways I’ve since eliminated that problem for the most part. So I should note everything is running off of wifi in a typical dwelling and am using bells fiber optic internet but only have the cheap modem that it came with. Essentially I shut any and all background running and refreshing apps. Turn off all notifications and keep my iPad plugged in. We’ll at least before using the we go 2nd Gen. So as far as using the ableton link I’ve had my controller running DJAY I had 2 1st Gen kontrol x1s with Traktor on my laptop and my buddy usually runs some kind of sequencers and drum pads that also have the ableton link. I do know he’s used the sequencer on DJAY as well. Usually any latency issues we were able to figure out rather quickly but using Traktor a bit longer. That being said I wasn’t running both x1s and my iPad with my budfy on the sequencer alk at once but all software and controllers were live. I just wanna say that I’m pushing 40 years old I’ve dabbled in the art for nearly 20 years and honestly I’ve never had more fun djing in my garage or on the house boat using this app. Like I can’t sell it to all my buddies enough how awesome it is how it’s not a gimmicky toy yadda yadda. But not until they actually hear what’s coming out of the speakers and how incredibly animated I can get when showing off. Great job!also I think I have a video clip of the typical setup I use with my buddy using ableton link if you’re interested