Blinking RED on Song End...Please !!

simple but needed feature

specify a time 5-45 seconds
i’d pick 30 seconds
then the song title flashes RED when track is playing and is approaching the end
this way we know to load another track quick

Yes, this is standard behaviour on Djay for Mac

This is very straight-forward. Can it be considered please?


Is there any more thought on this simple feature request?

can the staff respond to this request please - it’s a simple, useful request?

Yes please !

I think the time you like to have it start flashing should be adjustable in the settings!

Why don’t make the whole Waveform flash in red? Would be even more obvious :wink:
(add a light transparency to the flash, that the waveform is still identifiable)

Please this would be great!

I’d support a red flashing title (rather than the waveform).

Add this pronto!

Djay 2 and Djay pro already do this, but only if you’re using a hardware controller that supports it, or a MIDI controller with an out signal mapped to the light on the play button. When the song has 30 seconds left, the light on the play button starts flashing.

Hey alex,

thank you for pushing the thread, this was before my time at algoriddim and just added this to our issue tracking system.
Good work.

Lukas E.

+1 thet would be very helpful

This feature is already implemented. Isn’t it?