Bluetooth connectivity issue with DDJ-200

I connect my ddj-200 via Bluetooth to my iPhone and during the session the controller disconnects and I can only reconnect it by closing the app down and connecting it again. I have tried this on several phones with the same outcome and even tried a new ddj-200 to see if it was an issue with the controller I had. Is this a bug?
Can anyone help
Appreciated Mo

I am having this same issue, I am led to believe it is an issue with the djay app, other apps work but I’m hoping they fix the app as this is my favourite

Hi guys,

Are you currently running iOS 14.2? There were some issues with this controller on that iOS version. These problems have now been solved on iOS 14.3. We kindly ask you to update your iOS version.

Let us know if the issue persists.

Hi I’m running IOS 14.3 and still having this issue, I tried using my sons iPhone 7 and had the same problem again. Very frustrating please help

Hi guys,

If you are still experiencing this issue after updating to the latest iOS 14 version, please let us know what version of djay PRO AI for iOS you are running.

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