Bluetooth Functionality sucks

My Djay Pro app on my computer is having a hard time with Bluetooth devices. The computer is not the problem because when ever I use other applications the Bluetooth works perfectly fine. However whenever I use the app with Bluetooth devices, the audio becomes slower and staticy. The track can slow down as much as 15% and its really frustrating how warped and and distorted the song can become at times.

Im might be a bit old. But when DJ:ing, why would you use anything else than a zero latency connection?
I have several both BT and WiFi speakers at my home, but I would never consider using them when DJ:ing, only streaming like Spotify.
Or have I missed something… is there any other DJ software supplier that works with wireless speakers?

Bluetooth Functionality sucks… should just stop there no :wink:

It is NOT your age. It may be your knowledge and experience that comes with said age but you are absolutely correct in your assessment. Bluetooth specifically (as described above) has no place in a pro DJ setting. For messing around or entertainments sake of course but expect a few headaches and workarounds.

Hi Luis,

Which bluetooth device are you using?

When the sound is distorted, can you please switch to another music app to test if this is an issue of the software?

Hi Guys,

Thank you for getting in touch.

As asked above, it would be very interesting to exactly know which Bluetooth devices you are using.
Several parameters could cause the issue (Samplerate, Bluetooth protocol…), therefore please let us know which exact device you are using.

Thank you again for your feedback.

I have never been able to use Bluetooth with any app where latency can be an issue

Yah but some times just to enjoy music at home I like to hook up to some Bluetooth speakers and let it automix. But I can’t even do that because the Bluetooth quality is so bad and the song gets completely distorted in many cases

This problem occurs with all Bluetooth devices I use and I have switched to other applications and the Bluetooth works perfectly fine

That’s the exact Problem I face. Glad I’m not the only one.

The problem also occurs with all Bluetooth Devices for me as well Including: UE Boom speakers, Bose SoundSport Wireless, and a few other wireless speakers

Same problem here

Bluetooth works perfectly with other players as iTunes or Windows Media Player but with Djay Pro the sound slow down and get distorded.

The app is no longer usable with bluetooth so please Algoriddim fix this point for your customers, I was realy satisfied of your product but actualy I can’t recommend it no longer.

Thanks in advance

I use it with a Bose Soundtouch 300 soundbar, a Bose Soundlink II speaker or a Bose QC35 II headphone. Same problem on the three devices.

Thanks for your help

You’re obviously not wrong, of course bluetooth isn’t adapted for djaying training or performing, but it’s not the purpose here. I often use Djay pro with bluetooth in my house just for playing music with Automix for my wife and son who like a lot listen to music continuously, without cuts between tracks.
Until this problem we were good, so please Algoriddim give me back this use of your product.
Thanks again.