Bluetooth Headphones and Split Output

Whenever I start playing music through my bluetooth headphones, I only get sound in the left earpiece until I go into settings and turn Split Output on and then off again. Stereo is fine after that. Is it djay or bluetooth? It’s a minor annoyance considering all other crossfading music apps crash after a few tracks, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to do this. (New iPod touch with iOS 8.3)

Guess this site is just a placebo button.

Still happening over a year later…

I have same problem when using my iPod touch via bluetooth to car audio… comes out of left channel only and have to switch on/off…if i have to do this every time i want to listen through Djay its a real pain…help with this please!!

This is a known issue. We are already looking into it…
We’ll keep this post updated about it!

Hi Douglas Heavrin-Brown,

The problem is how to determine if the device is mono. We reported your issue and are aware of this problem, so far activating the split output is a workaround for this issue, because it sends both Left and Right Speaker to one Speaker, which is the only speaker the iPhone has.

We will investigate the issue further on.

Lukas E.