Bluetooth is paired and Midi is connected but Mixer is not connected

I recently bought Hercules Algorithm Djay DjCONTROL MIX and after following instructions, i downloaded Djay free app and connected. Problem is the mixer is not connected to the app. I keep getting a separate box that tells me an app is needed! I have the app but its not connecting to mixer.
I have Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Model SM N960U and its running Android 10.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Mike O

It could be because the controller is not supported in the free app.

Hi Mike, Did you receive a response about it from the support.

Got the same problem. (with an samsung a52s) and android 13

Thanks for your help

Im having a similar problem but its not connecting at all. Also, i purchased the full version of the app. Any idea what the problem is?

Hi @muzicmike69,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been running into this issue as of late. Has this continued to happen and if so would you be able to share a screenshot of the “separate box” you’re referring to?

@Geno_Moore Would you be able to share a bit more info on this as well?

Thank you all for your patience!