Bluetooth output?

Ok so i would like to use djay2 with an iPad and a pioneer ddj wego4, but instead of a wired output to speakers, i would like to use a Bluetooth speaker or Wi-Fi speaker.

This works with djay2 for android…but only with a Bluetooth speaker, which is fine. I have not found a way to use a Wi-Fi speaker yet. I know the possibility is there as i can stream direct from Spotify to my Wi-Fi speaker so am sure this is just a software issue that could be addressed?

Djay2 for android does not work well either so i give up with it.

Now…back to djay2 for iPad, which is a whole lot better in terms of stability and features, however…i can’t use a Bluetooth speaker at all. I can use a Bluetooth speaker to play music from my iPad on its own, but as soon as djay2 is loaded, the sound will not come through th speaker.

Can this be fixed?

Hmm, i have used Djay (for iOS) with bluetooth speakers by changing by phone’s audio settings, just as I would if I was playing from the Music app on my phone.

Hi Shaun, 

Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately, due to Hardware limitations, the iPad is not able to do so.

We are very sorry.

No reply as usual, absolute disgrace