Bluetooth speaker for mains o/p and usb headphones for pre cueing...can it be done??

DJAY on macbook…anyone help. i want to use a bluetooth speaker for my main output and a usb headphone for pre cueing. I went to the preferences and selected the repective hardware for the jobs but no joy

Hi Fergus,

No, you can’t combine a wireless device together with a “wired” output.

I’m confused. You can use bluetooth speakers, you just can’t pre-cue when using wireless speakers (bluetooth or AirPlay).

U got to be kidding I’m sending mind back

Just got my spin2 after a number of emails with warren/ can’t play my iPad output through my new Bose Bluetooth mini!!

I’m an old Dj from the 70’s/ It’s all about pre- cueing to make a perfect mix/ maybe it’s something to work on!? if you fix the problem I’ll be the first to rebuy Spin2! Please keep me informed! Aloha

Seriously, I had it working last week and practiced with the Wireless beats to pre queue and then used main system to play the mix. . .why did it all of a sudden stop working? Very mad today is the wedding i’m DJing and have had it in my mind it works from 3 times practicing.