Bluetooth Speaker/Latency

Sometimes it would be handy to use Djay spontaneously on your phone in conjunction with a Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really work well because the playback is time-delayed. Are there Bluetooth speakers with such a low latency that this is negligible?

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Yes, it’s complicated dilemma…

The “best in market” is close to 32ms latency, but that’s too much for Dj’s

You might want to look into SKAA systems. They offer very low latency wireless options. You’d need to connect a SKAA transmitter module to your iOS device to make it work with a SKAA enabled speaker though. Check out SoundBoks speakers.

Here’s some more info on SKAA if you’re interested:
This is definitely on my wish list for my next wireless speaker.

DJ TechTools sells some SKAA transmitters and the two different Soundboks speakers (these are big though so maybe not quite what you’re looking for in a wireless speaker).

I will be looking deeper into this - thank you!
(I like this because it gets traffic off wifi/network, leaving more space for the important stuff…but i’m an old-school “cables are the most reliable” guy…and more RF/radiation to swim in isn’t supposed to be good for people, birds, bees, whales…)

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Thank you very much, I’ll take a look at it!

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@Chris_R you’re welcome!

This delay comes from Bluetooth transmitance having to decode audio information prior to making the transfer.