bold beat grid markers and cue points

I’d love to see Djay have an option to make the beat grid markers 'thicker / bold '. Maybe in stages of 1 to 3. They’re so thin at the moment. And an option to be able to change the color of them or turn them off (some would like that I bet). Also in the vertical waveform screen the cue points are also tiny. In the traditional turntable screen they’re really easy to see. A bolder option for them would also be really nice touch too.

Haven’t noticed anything like that yet but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

And is it just me or do the current grid markers shake a little bit as they scroll in vertical movement ?

Please do so Warren. If u have time , check me out on Traktor dj forum…u will see I’m one of the rare djs who actually use iPad djing now for a living-I try and help alot with feedback. I left my vinyl at home now, but I been doing this since the 80’s. All I mean is the markers could be more bold as we are working in the dark in a nightclub.